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From guzzling a bottle of Jack Daniels during a show one night to playing a local girl's Bat Mitzvah the next, Scarlett Nevin is an artist that defies any genre label. Her influences range from Ella Fitzgerald to Courtney Love, and her band's latest album truly reflects this. While attending New York University, she met and teamed up with four other female musicians to form Scarlett in early 2003. Over the past two and a half years the band has played an array of venues from CBGB's to the Republican National Convention. Scarlett has mostly been playing in New York City, but they are planning a nationwide tour next fall to support their new album, "The Letter". Check out the Events page for upcoming shows.

For the band's fourth album, "The Letter" takes Scarlett, yet again, in a new direction. There is a strong Neo-Punk presence in many of the songs' vocals, while the rhythm section delves into Latin and Experimental Jazz. But the stand out track, and the band's first single, is "Movin' On" in which Scarlett combines many aspects of Americana Bluegrass with Electronica house beats.

So, check out Scarlett, the band that NYU's Washington Square News calls "Raw..." and "...Majestic." Influences
The Go Go's, Sheryl Crow, Ella Fitzgerald, Fleetwood Mac, Tiffany, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Judy Garland, 50 Cent, Courtney Love, Reba McEntire, Prince Band Members
Scarlett Nevin - Vocals
Mandy Kilroy - Keyboard/Piano/Organ
Susan Rodriguez - Guitar
Janet Foxx - Bass
C. Money - Drums/Cowbell Press Info
  The Letter